KCBQ K9 350 Platoon Care Pack Serve 10-20 K9 Handlers


Move America Forward recognizes and honors the Military Working Dog as an essential part of the team fighting the war on terror. Since 2010, MAF has been supporting MILITARY WORKING DOGS and their handlers currently serving overseas by sending specialized K-9 Care Packages.

K-9 Care packages include all of the normal great items included in a normal care package that our troops enjoy and need PLUS eye-protecting “Doggles Originalz” specifically designed for our furry troops and Official KONG Brand Dog Toys.


We have consulted with former and active Duty Military Dog Handlers to make sure we offer the very best and you can be sure that your sending the very best to our 4 legged soldiers. Keeping them happy, safe, and injury free!

We are proud and honored to be recognized by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) for our efforts to support the military working dogs. Nothing brings a serviceman or woman more joy than knowing that someone back home is thankful and thinking of them while they are on deployment. Send your Care Package today!

Gourmet Coffee, Premium Beef Jerky, Genuine Oreo Cookies, Flavored Gatorade, Mixed Nuts/Trail Mix bags, Baby Wipes, Hot Chocolate, M&M’s, Snickers, Skittles and other assorted treats, Natural Grain/Granola/Protein Bars, Gum, Sunflower Seeds, Hot Apple Cider, Shampoo & Conditioner, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Foot Cream or Powder, SPF Lip Balm, SPF Sunscreen, Bug Repellent, Military Issue Boot Socks, Magazines and Books, Casino Style Playing Cards, Phone Cards, Instant Lunches, Batteries, Laundry Detergent, Military Crisis Line/Military OneSource Resource Information, Care Packages Request Form, Handwritten Thank You Messages from School Children and other Supporters, Seasonal Items for Current Holiday, K-9 Care Packages also include eye-protecting “Doggles” & KONG Classic durable dog toys

***Care Package Items vary depending on time of year, supply, and troop request***

We constantly update our package with what our troops say they want the most but the most important part of our care package comes from you. Long after all the items are eaten or used up, your message will always be in their hearts and read over and over until they come home.

Move America Forward is a 501(C)3 so all care package donations are tax deductible.