Holiday Duo - Small Pack x2

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As the air begins to take on a bite of Fall and the leaves turn to gold and red here at home our thoughts turn to childhood fun like legions of little ghosts and goblins hitting the streets to Trick or Treat.

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. This is such a busy and fun filled time for many Americans here at home, but it's also a special time to remember our troops serving in harm's way who won't have a chance to celebrate these special days with their friends and loved ones.

Our Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas packages will be packed with our regular treats but will also include special holiday treats like candy corn to and a touch from home and our Christmas package will have extra treats like soft peppermints, a fleecy red and white Christmas stocking and hot chocolate as well.

Just order your package today for October from the order button above and we will automatically send out a package in the same amount billed to your same credit card in November and December as well. REMEMBER: HOLIDAY TRIO ORDERS WILL BE BILLED TWO (2) TIMES.