Florida Emergency Aid Care Package Serves 8-16 Troops

Our care packages include lots of items that would be perfect for disaster relief efforts.

Coffee is an amazing comfort item, it warms you up, wakes you up. Hot chocolate makes you feel calmer and safer in a tough situation. Oreo or Girl Scout Cookies complement the coffee or hot chocolate like nothing else can.

Candy Bars, Granola Bars, Energy Bars and other snacks are the perfect portable food item for handing out or for a quick snack between patrols and operations.

Because so many people have been displaced from their homes, the personal hygiene packs really become extremely useful. The value of being able to keep clean, brush your teeth, smell nice and look your best are absolutely vital to maintaining your nerves when you've lost your home.

There are lots more items that come in our care packages that will be so helpful to the National Guard troops deployed in Florida.