Valentine's Day Care Packs

This Valentine's Day, send the
troops something they will LOVE

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, let's show our Troops how much we love them by sending special Valentine’s Day Care Packages! Don't forget that our troops are still fighting for your freedoms and missing their loved ones while we enjoy the safety and freedom they provide.

You can send a Care Package that will lift the spirits of a hardworking serviceman or woman now serving in Afghanistan. Each Care Package comes with our regular assortment of high quality treats and goodies but will also include Valentine's Day cards prepared by local school children. For Valentine's Day we are also including Sweethearts, an iconic Valentine’s Day treat. No Valentine's Day would be complete without these classic heart-shaped sweets!

Don't let our troops spend Valentine's Day without a reminder of how much we love and support them. Each care package sponsored is packed with love and care by our team of dedicated volunteers and includes the following:


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